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Around your training


Each training course is adjusted according to the specificities of its participants. A You & Science's scientific or training managers will contact you, future learner or organization manager, to check your expectations or/and the profile of your learners.

At the beginning of the course, learners sign the attendance sheet established for each half-day of training. These are then sent on request to the prescribing organization of each participant.
They can also be communicated to the learner.

A certificate of participation, setting out the objectives and duration of the training course, is given individually at the end of the session.


The deliberately small class size allows learners to intervene frequently.

Participation, acquisition and practical integration of the lessons are evaluated by the trainer throughout the session through question and answer sessions.

An evaluation of the level of acquisition of the skills transmitted is carried out individually with each learner by the trainer at the end of the training. It can be done by means of a multiple choice question, oral questions and validation of the technical gestures taught.


A post-training follow-up in the form of a survey is carried out several weeks after the session in order to measure satisfaction, the acquisition of knowledge, and to verify the practical application of the acquired knowledge in the professional context. 


We remain at your disposal for any further information and guidance on these subjects, in face-to-face training and e-learning.

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