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Why You & Science ?


To meet your need for training in techniques and tools to experimentation

on living things, zebrafish or rodents


You & Science is the training center dedicated to the zebrafish model

in fundamental and applied research. 

Today, zebrafish is the 2nd laboratory research model.
A need for training in zebrafish techniques and tools has emerged.

Indeed, ethical committees recommend reducing the use of mammals for animal testing. They prefer the zebrafish model. The European Directive 2010/63 / EU and the French regulation require 3 days of training over a period of 6 years to ensure the maintenance of the experimenter's skills.


You & Science answers to these requirements.

Our teachings evolve with advances in research.

A scientific watch is made by our international group of experts. Our courses are constantly updated to fit with scientific publications.

You & Science looks to the future.


Our teachings answer to universal biological questions.

Zebrafish has a strong genetic homology with humans. These unique features make it a powerful tool for studying biological processes. Observations on zebrafish open up new research in mammals and humans.


You & Science trains you to these new approaches and completes your research.


Our trainers are enthusiasts and exciting.

Our team of trainers is made up of recognized experts in their field. The complementary nature of the lessons makes the covering of all the topics related to the use of the zebrafish model possible.


You & Science is dedicated to the zebrafish model.


The techniques and tools taught to our learners respond to the latest technological developments published in the best scientific journals Today, techniques and tools are evolving very rapidly. You & Science is committed to offering you training at the forefront of discoveries and specialties.


You & Science evolves with science.


You & Science is a community connected by the chain of knowledge transmitted or to be transmitted.

By training at You & Science, you will have the opportunity to tighten the links of our community.


You & Science develops the zebrafish community.

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