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Conception and injection of a morpholino in the zebrafish egg: phenotypic analysis



This training will provide you the knowledge you need to design a gene inactivation experiment: the design of a morpholino and the practice of injecting into the cell.

If you want to know more about this course, do not hesitate to contact us.



To acquire the theoretical and practical bases necessary for the use of morpholinos in zebrafish.


Location: Montpellier

Duration: 1,5 day (10,5 hours of training)


Our next dates:

7 & 8 December 2020

Registration deadline: 15 days before the session


Scientific expert: Pierre-Olivier ANGRAND



Theory :

Theoretical reminders

Interest of using morpholinos

Practice :

Selection of genetic sequences

Preparation of the injection station

Injection into the cell

Phenotype analysis of morphants.


Prerequisites: Basic notions about the zebrafish embryo

Audience: Researchers, veterinaries, engineers, technicians, PhD students and post-docs


Number of participants: 5 to 8 learners

Academic rate: 1200 €

Private rate: 1400 €

VTA not applicable

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